Meet compliance requirements

You don’t have to worry about GDPR and other regulations. With W3lcome, have your visitor data safe and in compliance.

Be up to date with the biggest
data protection regulations

Guarantee your visitors privacy

Regulations like GDPR demand that you handle visitor data very carefully.
Let W3lcome take care of that.

Collect visitor data safely

With our iPad check-in, your visitor data is stored automatically, insuring their safety.


Have consent in data collection

It's essential that you have your visitor's consent in any data they provide. W3lcome guarantees that consent.

Custom forms

Customize your office check-in to collect any data you need — while meeting compliance requirements.

Export data and create reports

With your visitor data in the cloud, you can create custom reports and prove your company's compliance.

Control everything through the dashboard

Using our dashboard, you can handle visitor data while keeping complied with GDPR.

Verify your visitor's identities

Digital data control allows immediate verification of all your visitors.

Anonymize your visitor data

All data is anonymized, coded and cloud stored. You don’t have to worry about leaks.

Establish different levels of access

Different user permissions guarantee that only the right people have contact with the data.

Collect signatures during
the check-in process

Digital signing

IIntegrate your NDAs to the check-in process, directly on the iPad.

Document storage

Signed documents are automatically stored in the cloud, insuring their safety and compliance.

Meet W3lcome

Meet W3lcome

Schedule a demo with one of our specialists right now and understand how W3lcome can help with your compliance requirements.

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