Features Overview

Greet your guests with the best welcoming environment. Collect all relevant data from your visitors and give them all necessary prior information. Increase security with our smart iPad sign-in and boost the power of analytics with our web dashboard. Schedule meetings up front and align all calendars directly from W3lcome. Check here how our features can bring your reception to the 21st century.


How does it work?


1 - Visitors sign in via iPad kiosk

When a visitor arrives, they’ll provide their information and sign documents right on the iPad.


2 - W3lcome notifies the responsible host

Automatic notifications alerts the employee when their guest arrives. No confusion, no miscommunication.


3 - The employee comes to welcome visitor

The employee knows who to expect and when. No more awkward situations in the lobby. Great first impression.


What W3lcome can do for…

your company



Unlimited locations

A great fit for companies with one or many entrances. Does you company have many branches? No problem.



Real-time visitor management

Manage who is in, who is out, and who is coming to your company in real time. A dynamic visitor log.

Unlimited Visitors

It does not matter if your company has 10 or 1000 visits a day. We can handle it.


Great insights need efficient storytelling from raw data. Let W3lcome deal with that.

Collect Visitor Information

Forget old-fashioned log books. Collect all required information from your visitors directly from the iPad.


Today more is less. And we want to make you use less tools. Great integrations with calendars, comm tools, and more.


for your Employees


visit notification

Do you know when does your visitor arrive at your front desk? Well, we do! Choose your best tool and we notify you there (even on Whatsapp).

delivery notification

Choose your best communication tool and we notify when a package arrives.


Schedule meetings upfront. Notify your visitors about the time and location. Get all calendars synchronized.


Does your visitor arrived and your are not ready? Not biggie, they can only come inside when you authorize.





You visitors can check-in in advance directly from their phone or computer.

With the generated QR-code it only takes 5 seconds to get in.

Digital LEGAL Document (NDA)

Forget about printing, singing, scanning, and organize your legal documents. Do it easier directly in the iPad kiosk.

Building instructions

Fire instructions? Guidance in how to proceed inside the building? Your visitors can read and agree with all during the check-in process.

badge printing

Automatically print a badge for your visitor by the end of the check-in process.

Never get confused or forget their names again.


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