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Thomas Mendes

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Check out these 3 tips on how to be more productive in managing your facilities.

Every company’s operational area has its particular problems and challenges.

With so many different responsibilities, a good Facilities Manager should always be concerned about being more productive and improving himself.

After all, it is also his responsibility to make the company more productive!

Check these 3 hacks below how to achieve such goals in your company.

1. identify communication failures

Internal communication is a huge challenge for companies of any size. However, it becomes a real problem for people’s satisfaction as the team grows.

It is not simple to just recommend technologies or solutions for such a complex problem.

First, you have to take a step back.

It is essential to identify where communication failures sit. Talk to employees and identify points like:   

  • What are the failures in communication;
  • In which processes these failures occur;
  • What are the impacts that these failures cause;
  • Which ones require less effort to correct;
  • Correcting the failure, would the improvement be immediate?
  • Prioritize the actions trading off the impact and effortsment below!

With that focus it is possible to observe which corrections would be the simplest and fastest, being possible to prioritize where and how to start.

2. Outsource the tasks’ execution

One of the best ways to be more productive is to delegate everything you can. As a manager, you should perform only the tasks, which you can do.

The manager should be directly associated with activities and functions involving hard facilities (related to the infrastructure of the building.)

However, many activities from soft facilities should be outsourced. Some technologies can facilitate many of these responsibilities, such as cleaning management, meeting room management and access control.

One solution that can facilitate access control in your company is Acess-e, which is a great complement to our own visit management solution.

Technology also can be a very powerful ally to your personal productivity and also ensure that employees are more efficient.

Analyze which processes consume the most of your time and resources, and find out where it makes the most sense for you to outsource.

3. Integrate processes

Have you ever stopped to think that you might be having unnecessary rework?

Many companies still have old processes that are controlled by physical documents or software that do not have integrations that facilitate daily work.

For example, in your contract management, documents must be controlled very well. Are they integrated with your company’s HR systems?

Communication must be facilitated, not only between people but also within the company’s areas and systems.

Software such as Leankeep delivers a solution that allows a holistic control over most of the services for Facilities, which can greatly facilitate the whole monitoring, integrating people and sectors with simplicity.

If you already have your own individual solutions for different processes, tools like Zapier can be useful to integrate them and connect web-applications and apps based on actions and triggers.

A good Facilities professional must be always looking for ways to perform his role better and better.

Do you have any good practices that you are testing that you would like to share with us? Leave a comment below!

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