To give our partners the best way to manage their visitors we are driven by customer satisfaction. All teams across W3lcome have one common goal: Make our clients love us and our product!

We envision a World with a universal check-in across all establishments, making the workspace better and improving the lives of visitors, receptionists, and employees. Our mission is to modernize the work environment without losing human importance. No-brainer tasks should be handled to technology, so people can work on more productive and relevant tasks.

W3lcome operates both in Switzerland and Brazil with a multicultural, dynamic, flexible, humorous team.

Lucas Cotta

Comp Sci - University of Wisconsin

Ilenia Guidon

Business Development

Gabriel Gratival

Industrial Eng. - Wayne State Un.

Alisson Enz

Comp. Sci - University of Missouri

Mateus Schmidt

Web Development
Mechanical Eng. - Un. of Wyoming


Nicolas Perony

Founder/CEO -
Ph.D. Complex Systems - ETH

Alessio Alionco

Founder/CEO - Pipefy
Business Adm. - Federal University of Parana

Thomas Schori

Senior VP - Braloba Group

Laurent Meyer

Founder - Propulsion Academy AG
MBA - Thunderbird School of Global Management